Cancer Survivor: Healing & Laughter

Cancer Survivor – The Mind-Body Connection.

Cancer Survivor, A Psychological approach to cancer treatment -the mind-body connection.

Cancer Survivor, Book Getting Well Again, cancer treatment.

Cancer survivor stories the mind-body connection

Comedian Dave Fitzgerald was diagnosed with cancer, bladder cancer and later prostate cancer. The above video is produced by his friend Darren LaCroix and is available for purchase at  Dave Fitzgerald felt Is laughter still the best medicine?



I started my journey 21 years ago and was blessed by two women (strangers at the time) they were both going thru bone cancer and in wheel chairs. Both had a great impact on my life explaining how what you visualize mentally can have dramatic effect on your health especially if you are facing cancer. They  proceed to give me their own books 1.) Love Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegel MD and 2.) Getting Well Again by Carl Simonton MD, Stephanie Simonton and James Creighton.

Getting Well Again was written 1978 old book but worth adding to your collection: You can purchase it at  Amazon

Getting well again

This book will show people with cancer or other serious illnesses how they can participate in getting well again. It will show those who are not ill how they can participate in maintaining their health.

Everyone who has cancer wants to be a cancer survivor, everyone is looking for answers. If you want to be a cancer survivor start with  the Mind-Body connection.




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