Caregivers often the unsung heroes when facing cancer and health difficulties

Come to me all who are weary and burdened
Come to me all who are weary and burdened this is for the caregiver & patients.

Caregivers without them we’d be lost when facing cancer and health difficulties

Caregivers must face their love ones pain, struggles, and their constant care with little in return.

Who is more important to the cancer victims life? The doctor or the caregiver who gives their life.

This is a tribute to all caregivers and a special one named Nancy. You see, I’m a patient, I say a patient because in this house, we have several. Both Nancy and I watched as my health has deteriorated and the problems have increased as well as the pain. On top of all of this, we took my 85+year-old mother into our home last July. She has dementia. Only 9:40 am this morning and already my wife has had to shower her several times it’s just like a baby excuse the expression, She craps her pants. Dementia is a terrible disease. It robs you of your dignity your memories, your ability to function as a family and ability even to be alone by yourself, even though, in your mind you are. On top of all of this, we have a very dear dog named Miss Abigail Van Buren Wiggins the third, who several weeks ago went blind can’t hear and can barely smell. My wife and I are beside ourselves, we canno’t put her to sleep. It would be like putting me to sleep. So we watch her all day as we try to work, trying to protect her, while she runs into walls, chairs most everything.  We care for her just like we care for my mom.

I’m sure all caregivers go through the same processes as Nancy, they listen to the complaints, give inspiration, hope and love. They listen to and care for everyone else except themselves. All the talk is usually focused on the patient, how can we make them comfortable, what can we do for the patient and how are they doing?

What about the caregivers, what are you doing to help them?  What have you planned to lighten their load? Do you get together with your friends and say let’s give them a break today. No usually most people are too busy in their own world to care about either the patient or the caregiver (you see they have a job to do, have their own family to raise , they have a very busy life). Too many times people don’t want to look at somebody going through cancer health difficulties for It makes them face their own mortality. Heaven forbid if they reach out with their time and energy to support the caregivers who are facing the loss of their loved one and what will they do with their life when the loved ones gone.

Caregivers. They are the real doctors they are the real ministers. They are the warriors.


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