Diaphragmatic Breathing – (to calm your nerves and induce restful sleep).

Genesis 2:7, God formed man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.

Fighting Cancer and health issues with proper breathing.

The breath of life, proper breathing (Diaphragmatic  Breathing) affects your health.


God formed man and breathed the breath of life Genesis 2:7

God formed man and breathed the breath of life Genesis 2:7

Breathing, it seems so easy you probably don’t even notice it. If you’re experiencing cancer or health difficulties it always seems to be a waiting game. You’re waiting for treatments, lab results, medicines, doctors, return phone calls and especially waiting for your health to return. If you’re looking for one of the best things you can do for your health take notice of your breathing, is it shallow and slow, is your breathing energizing you? This is the one habit that can totally change your life in a positive way.

6 Breathing techniques that will affect your life and your health.

1)      Deep breathing exercises – Diaphragmatic  Breathing – (to calm your nerves and induce restful sleep).

2)      Complete breathing – (to recharge your energy).

3)      Alternate breathing – (excellent for tension headaches)

4)      Sighing breath – (to release overworked emotions).

5)      Healing breath – (to release tension caused by physical pain).

6)      Runners breath – (excellent antidepressant; restores vitality)


So why is breathing so important? Proper breathing promotes better circulation, more oxygen to your cells for easier detoxification and can lower your blood pressure. Psychologically it calms your nerves and reduces the fight or flight syndrome.

Anthony Robbins in his book Unlimited Power, talked about the first key to health – the power of breath ” Breathing not only controls the oxygenation of the cells. It also controls the flow of the Lymph fluid, which contains white blood cells to protect the body. What is the lymph system? Some people think of it as the body’s sewer system”  Anyone who has cancer knows cancer travels in the lymph system creating all sorts of problems for them. Getting back to Anthony Robbin’s book Unlimited Power I would recommend it for someone trying to change habits in their progress to a healthier life. You can purchase it at Amazon



Today will focus on deep breathing exercises – Diaphragmatic Breathing

(To calm your nerves and induce restful sleep).


The purpose of Diaphragmatic Breathing is to stretch the lower lobes of the lungs with more air. The slow, quiet breathing will calm emotions and induce restful sleep. It can be done either lying flat or sitting in a chair. Be sure to loosen your belt and collar. If you’re sitting, place your hands limply on your thighs; spine straight, but not rigid. If you’re lying on your back, bend your knees with feet drawn to the buttocks and arms to your sides. It will help to place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. The emphasis of breathing is on the abdomen. The chest is relaxed.

Inhale deeply through the nostrils and expand the abdomen.

Keep your shoulders and chest relaxed.

Exhale slowly through the nostrils, while pulling in the a abdomen to the back of the spine.

When you’re able to control your breathing in this way, concentrate on maintaining a steady rhythmic pattern:

Inhale to the count of 5 seconds.

Exhale the count of 10 seconds.

Repeat this pattern 10 to 15 times a day. You’ll begin to feel the ease and flow of your breath, taking control of your body. Be as relaxed as you can, keeping your eyes closed.

Here are several videos on breathing and it’s importance:



Give it a try for the next several weeks.  Take a moment to see how you are breathing. I think you will be amazed on how improper (shallow breathing, fast breathing and tense breathing etc) your breathing can be. Once you take notice, then try Diaphragmatic  Breathing.  It costs nothing and can cause a tremendous change in how calm your nerves will be, plus it helps induce restful sleep.

Thanks for reading and watching about Diaphragmatic  Breathing . Next post on breathing will cover Complete breathing (to recharge your energy).



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