First Free Bible going to Tema Ghana – The Word of God is Alive.

Free Bibles available from Word of Life Images.

Looking for additional locations to distribute free Bibles.

Free Bibles available to individuals upon request.

For the word of God is living and powerful.

Great news today! Word of Life Images will ship its first free Bible to Tema Ghana, which is not too far from Nigeria at least according to my map. We started this blog and website barely over a month ago. This morning I was praying for guidance from God, asking how do we get his word out and serve him. You see we have had very little response to date as far someone leaving comments or notes, We have had over 300 visitors but still you have to wonder ” Can God use me”. I am not a minister I have no formal training all I have is the love in my heart for my Lord.

God’s call to action, is very strong in me, in Matthew 12:30, He states he who is not with me is against me,  and he who does not gather with me scatters. With that scripture and the one from Hebrews 4:12 We started with the mission of spreading God’s word, feeding his people, scholarships for ministers and free Bibles. We would accomplish this by donations from other people, and  in the sale of Scripture and art plus our own resources. The free Bibles mean a great deal to us, just think and visualize in your mind someone holding this Bible with Gods word working in their hearts and their souls and that their love for the Lord would grow like our love and who else will they touch.

 Now a days with computers, we use the word viral, Today there is still a mission to get God’s word out. In  Christ’s time alot of people died and were tortured trying to get Gods word out. Today you can get God’s word out in a variety of ways. But you must have faith and trust in God and respond to his Holy Spirit and help us by spreading it virally on the World wide web.

Free Bibles, what is the price of a life and a soul? Do you have faith enough and love enough to help us in our quest to distribute free Bibles? Are you willing to become a partner with us, helping us  to find locations and individuals who would learn and grow in God’s love from having free Bibles. Will you donate to us? Monetary wise or ship us free Bibles that we can distribute.



Bible going to Tema GHANA


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