For the Word of God is Living and Powerful Hebrews 4:12

God’s Word in our life.

For the Word of God is Living and Powerful  Hebrews 4:12

Look for God every day in your life especially when facing Cancer and health difficulties

Several weeks ago I had my mother of 86 + years rushed to the emergency room where she spent three days in the hospital.  Only two days earlier I sadly had to put my beloved dog of 14 + years to sleep. Needless to say, my heart was very sad and troubled.

When we left my mom’s room, so they could do more extensive testing on her,(she had a bladder infection, kidney stone and congestive heart failure) . My wife and I went into the hospital waiting room. To my surprise, we saw a Bible that we had distributed elsewhere in town sitting on the coffee table (see picture).

Bibles from Word of Life Images

As soon as we saw the Bible we were excited and joyful. What a miracle to see the hand of God and how he works in our life. The excitement was, to think that other people will pick up that Bible and use it to pray with and God’s word will comfort them in their times of struggle and pain.

This is why the Word of Life Images distributes Bibles (see second picture)

God's Word is Alive and Powerful

I posted this image before .It is a photograph that I took of my grandmother’s Bible in the Scripture that goes with it is Hebrews 4:12 that God’s Word is Alive and Powerful. My wife and I believe in this so strongly that God’s Word is Alive and a blessing to all who takes his words into their heart, it will strengthen you and lift you up, and God repeatedly throughout the Bible says he loves you. From now until eternity. Take this blessing and take these promises into your heart and focus on them every time you read the Bible, look to see who God is. Look to see what God finds joy in; this will strengthen your walk every day no matter what you’re going through. God’s Word is very important to focus on when facing Cancer and Health difficulties.


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