God has plans to prosper you not harm you. Jeremiah 29 11-14

The prayer on my mind today – Jeremiah 29 11-14

Searching for God, in time of need – Scripture that gives me hope.

What Scripture give you comfort in time of pain, sorrow, and sickness?

Jeremiah 29 11 14

God has plans to prosper you not harm you.


My doctor’s appointment last week was good; she was very caring, explained my options and went to set up my next set of appointments with a sense of urgency. Now this is what you would expect from doctor. I always felt that the good doctors are educators and healers. They take their education and ferret out what the problems are and then explain them to you, so you may understand and in the long run hopefully cure you of whatever the problem is. Now my doctor’s visit yesterday was totally different.  The doctor basically had his mind made up before he came in the room. (Not their problem, I don’t see the problem, I will not look at the problem, and I will not even bother to make a return visit). Regardless of earlier diagnosis.

My question to you is how many of you are going through the same thing?  Trying to find a doctor that will take their profession as a healer, and practice it?  I ask for your comments so that others may be helped so that others do not have to experience what we have.

Results are still out concerning Lou Gehrig disease; they have found nerve damage in two spots on one arm, damage on the other arm and atrophy in my feet. Next appointment is with the neurologist, to go into more detail.

Question what Scripture do you use to calm you down when you have to wait for the lab results, or the next doctor’s appointment? Do you take walks, meditate or do you just stress about it. Your comments can are source of inspiration for others, please consider leaving them.

While my wife and I were reviewing yesterday’s doctor’s appointment, and what it meant to us. I’ve been praying a lot, looking for God’s guidance. Jeremiah 29 11-14 came to mind very strongly. For me I need to seek God with all my heart, have faith he will supply my needs, and trust that God is who he says he is.


I need your input.

How do you cope?

What helps you face the unknown (or life challenges)?

How has God lifted you up? Emotionally, or strengthens your hope.

What are your suggestions?

What are your fears?

How do you help a friend?




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