God’s call to action, to love and serve the Lord your God

Scriptures that you call to action.

Some Scriptures leave no doubt in your mind to the call to action.

When you need direction from God’s holy word, Scriptures call you to action.

Serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul


As I read the Bible, there are times it’s very difficult to understand the meaning of some Scripture. To be sure for me one of the biggest problems is really finding out what God is asking you to do, since there are so many different interpretations to what the words are being translated and then re-translated to the whatever Bible version you’re currently reading. A good source for me when I’m trying to find out Scripture means  is http://bible.cc/  they have different translations from all the different Bibles and languages, it’s amazing how different words are used based on who’s doing the translation. One thing I know for sure is there are certain Scriptures that call you to action. Deuteronomy 10:12 leaves you no wiggle room as far as misinterpretation. God Scriptures that call you to action work on your heart, mind and soul. God is telling you to fear him, I’ve always had problems with this. Why should I fear the God I love? I still wrestle with this in my mind. Fear not being with him, not having him in my life, not looking to God for my direction in my life when I need to know what to do. It would be empty not having him. When I start to ponder that thought, fear does come over me, I would be lost for eternity now that is fear. I’m sure it can be explained many different ways for different people.

God’s Scriptures that call you to action are a real blessing. Since you know the path that you need to be on. The rest of the Scripture is as follows –  to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Now that I can get behind on.  As you read your Bible in the morning and night  you really try to understand God’s word. It will begin to speak to you. Scriptures that call you to action stand up very strongly and fill you with a sense of urgency and a sense that you want to follow what’s being told you.

This blog is directed towards people who are facing cancer and health difficulties, I felt that this image is very tranquil and the Scripture gets you to focus on God’s needs and not the pain and suffering you might be feeling now. Remember as you read, search out the Scripture that speaks to your heart, Scriptures that call you to action.


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