Life is a State of Mind!

Life’s journey – The Journey is mine

The journey, when people face cancer and health difficulties.

Importance of your state of mind when facing cancer and health difficulties.

Life is a state of mind!

Since being told about Lou Gehrig, I have seen Doctors and determination is still out. Going to the doctors is a lot like taking  your car in for an oil job. You know you take a car in expecting just to have the oil changed and the mechanic comes up to you and says “Did you know your transmissions falling out”. Sometimes when the doctors look too close they find other things wrong. Not exactly what you want.

The above photograph is a reminder for me, and to me life is a state of mind. The meaning for me is to remember not focus on fear, pain, or the unknown but remember my Lord God is very much in my life is shown me that over and over again.

Below is the actual words in the photograph, which was written January 26 2006.


Life is a State of Mind.

If you view yourself as poor you are!

If you view yourself as happy you are!

If you view your life with passion for what you do – you have it.

You love your life journey with Christ your Lord.

You make the choice now, how you view your journey and what roads to take and what love is to give to others. Choose now to live life happy, positive and giving with all life resources at your hand.

My road is bright with all the love and passion for every step I take.

O’B 01/26/06


I choose now, how to view my journey.

Much love



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