Life’s storms – when facing cancer

Cancer and health difficulties, facing life’s storms.

God’s holy word, Psalm 25:18 “meditate on in Life’s Storms”

God’s holy word to focus on when facing cancer – Life’s Storms

Psalms 25:18 Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins. kjv


Life's storms when facing cancer and health difficulties

Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

Psalms 25:18

Look upon mine affliction and my pain – See PS 25:16 This is a repetition of earnest pleading – as if God still turned away from him, and did not deign to regard him. In trouble and distress piety thus pleads with God, and repeats the earnest supplication for His help. Though God seems not to regard the prayer, faith does not fail, but renews the supplication, confident that He will still hear and save.

And forgive all my sins – The mind, as above remarked, connects trouble and sin together. When we are afflicted, we naturally inquire whether the affliction is not on account of some particular transgressions of which we have been guilty; and even when we cannot trace any direct connection with sin, affliction suggests the general fact that we are sinners, and that all our troubles are originated by that fact. One of the benefits of affliction, therefore, is to call to our remembrance our sins, and to keep before the mind the fact that we are violators of the law of God. This connection between suffering and sin, in the sense that the one naturally suggests the other, was more than once illustrated in the miracles performed by the Savior.  See Mt 9:2

As I pursue to understand God’s purpose for Word of Life Images. I have to look no further than my own pain and affliction, it is my life storm. I believe very strongly that sometimes just by changing how we focus on things, changes our perspective of them allowing us to either see all the pain or see all the beauty and joy that God has created. It is our choice which road we choose to go on, God gives us free will. My prayer for you is that you come back to our website. Please leave comments and like us, forward us to your friends, and if God moves you, support us by tithing regularly to the Word of life Images.

Some people seem to be untouched by life, never going through life’s storms, but God uses affliction, pain in the life’s storms to bring you closer to him to refine you and cause you to reach out to him. As we cry out in agony looking for relief, he is there and you, with God’s  strength can send an example to all who watch and know you.

Remember when you’re down pressed (life’s storms) God is with you blessing you.



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