The purpose of Word of Life Images

Word of Life Images – Our goal for people with Cancer and Health Issues is to show how God’s Holy Word can be a source of great strength. When you read what the Scripture means, meditating daily, it will give you strength in your time of need.

Images – With each article that we publish, we create an image that should correlate to what’s being written. We strongly believe that the image is only a placemat, the same type of  placemat you would use when setting the dining room table for your guests. The meal is God’s Holy Word, at no time is the  placemat better than the meal (God’s Holy Word).

Caregivers – Having been both the patient as well as a caregiver, I know how much God’s holy word helps. As a caregiver temptation is great and the workload is heavy and lonely, that’s where God’s Scripture and tips we give you can help lighten your load.

Moments of Health – Our goal with moments of health is to help teach you by using Meditation, Breathing exercises, Yoga and Juicing for Life  giving  you a chance at gathering moments of health during the course of your day.

Juicing for life- We love to juice, the fastest and most complete way to get the nourishment your body needs to energize and rebuild itself.

Inspirational videos, stories etc. The old cliché you are what you think, is very true it’s another way to gather moments of health during your day. Try during the day to find things that inspire you, could be people, stories and hopefully some of the things that we post on our website for you.

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