Results – CT scan leaves me troubled

Lab results create frustration for people with health problems and cancer.

Lack of consistent standards  for radiology creates undo stress for people facing cancer and health problems.

Put two different radiologists in the same room, same CT scan you get two different answers. Where is the truth for people facing cancer and health problems.

The Lord will keep you from all harm he will watch over your life. Psalm 121: 7-8

The Lord will keep you from all harm he will watch over your life Psalm 121: 7-8

Results – CT scan leaves me troubled


If you have ever had multiple CT scans done in several different places, you will probably recognize my frustration. It seems that no two radiologists can measure the same as each other. I found out, I had a tumor on my pancreas by accident, after h trying to pass a kidney stone 4 times. The hospital that I went to, did a CT scan and found out, that I had this tumor. My work back ground includes running my own business for 14 plus years, manufacturing all types of furniture as well as, managing several companies which also produced products. If you couldn’t read a tape measure accurately, then you didn’t work there, it was that simple

As you notice I’m continuing my tirade. In order to get your square footage or mass, you need three measurements thickness, width and length and in that order. If the wood mill changed, what it called 2” material, then all of your other measurements for making a product would be incorrect. To get to my main point, concerning the pancreas.  There is a magic number, regardless if it’s cancer or not and that is at 3 centimeters they want to do surgery, (Called a Whipple). Not a good surgery! Your pancreas creates enzymes to digest your food and controls your blood sugar. Most people after a Whipple are then diabetic and also have problems not being able to digest their food. The major statistic is that only 5 -6 % of the people live 5 years. Enough said, back to what troubled me.

1.) Seems at a certain hospital not to be mentioned, size was stated by only giving 2 measurements so you could not calculate it,s mass (Now more of the other hospitals are doing the same).

2) Same CT and two different radiologists having two different sizes.

3) One radiologist said everyone else’s measurements were wrong, and then went back not telling us, and then corrected his previous measurements.

4.) Real problem;  When you try to figure the rate of growth on a tumor and no two radiologists numbers are the same even when they quote last report What numbers would you use…….. Very frustrating!

5.) Now a growth on my Lung which had been stationary has grown by 300 percent.

If you needed to add more frustration, my main Doctor told my wife who she hadn’t seen for years  “For 10,000 years people have been dying, it’s the way of life”. The doctor said that twice to my Wife who just about had a cow!!!!! And then, “Life goes on:  I think the whole statement is Life goes on with or without you! In a few months more CT scans scheduled to follow up.

Next stage:  Is to beef up our health program, which I’m continuing on. My effort is to get as healthy as possible. I have increased daily yoga exercise, that helps strengthen (Upper and lower body, plus aerobic exercise).  Hopefully helping me gain much needed weight, meditation to calm my mind, and help my immune system , less sugar, less caffeine more live fruits, vegetables and grains.



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