Scripture: for people facing cancer.

Scripture: for people facing cancer.

God’s words to meditate on, when facing cancer and health difficulties.

Cancer and health difficulties, pain and suffering are common companions.

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. NIV


God's Creation, focus on his holy works.


The Journey is Mine.

For me the journey continues, finally found a Doctor. who one week says he cannot rule out ALS, in the next week after several tests, says he understands why other doctors are drawing that conclusion, but feels it’s not ALS but is not 100% sure. At this point I will continue my life as if ALS is not in it.

*Question: Even if you are given that verdict what you do?

*How would you live your life differently?

*Really, shouldn’t you be living your life that way anyway?

For the people that know me, I’ve always had a sense a humor. Some like it and some don’t. But there are two statements that I hear constantly from people that drive me crazy.

1) Well you look good.

2.) Well we are all going to die.

It seems when people have no idea what to say to someone. These are the two statements they seem to come up with. The problem with the first statement what is a person supposed to look like if there on the edge of death or in so much pain they can barely handle it or so sick to their stomach they want to throw up. What are they supposed to do, contort their faces and look sick? I had a very dear friend whose husband was going thru pancreatic cancer, and as you know, that was on my plate as well. We did a photo session ;him, his wife, daughter, dog (biggest one I’d ever seen) and two beautiful horses. We had fun even though it was raining outside and a huge tree fell down during the session, spooking the horses and everyone else. You could tell from the photos that we had a good time. Beautiful portraits of everyone involved. You could not tell he was going to die a few months later. This image is carved into my brain “well, you look good”.

Second statement: “Well we are all going to die” is so ridiculous it’s hard to comment on. True, we are all going to die, but wait until you’re that person who has to face leaving their loved ones, worrying about whether they can take care of themselves, worrying about whether they have enough food on their table and who will help them when they get old. What about the unpaid bills and the new doctor and hospital bills that you’re creating. People don’t realize this not about your own fate, if you’re a caring and loving person you care about what happens to others. Next time when you’re searching for something to say, just remember, most people would just enjoy you being there.


Word of life images goal, is to help people who are facing cancer and health difficulties and to get God’s word out. I believe Scripture is full of hope, love and guidance. You must add the faith, you must read Scripture bringing it close to your heart and soul and  search out what it really means. And as you start to understand your faith will start to grow with every breath and step you take.

I love this Scripture:  My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. Psalm 119-50 NIV

Question, what does it really mean? I always try to look to past noted theologians for their interpretation.

Albert Barnes – My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments … – As an expression of delight or rejoicing, as people lift up their hands with their voice when they give expression to joy. It denotes a high statue of joy, such as leads to an outward expression; not merely that which exists in calm contemplation, but where the heart is full, and when it finds outward expression.

And I will meditate in thy statutes I will indicate my joy – my happiness – in thy commandments in every way possible; by outward expressions, and by deep and calm contemplation when I am alone; in my daily employments, in solitude, in the night-watches. This is indicative always of true religion.

Matthew Henry – Here is David’s experience of benefit by the word. 1. As a means of his sanctification: “Thy word has quickened me. It made me alive when I was dead in sin; it has many a time made me lively when I was dead in duty; it has quickened me to that which is good when I was backward and averse to it, and it has quickened me in that which is good when I was cold and indifferent.” 2. Therefore as a means of his consolation when he was in affliction and needed something to support him: “Because thy word has quickened me at other times, it has comforted me then.” The word of God has much in it that speaks comfort in affliction; but those only may apply it to themselves who have experienced in some measure the quickening power of the word. If through grace it make us holy, there is enough in it to make us easy, in all conditions, under all events.

The Treasury of David – Psalm 119:50. This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me. He means, — Thy word is my comfort, or the fact that thy word has brought quickening to me is my comfort. Or he means that the hope which had given him was his comfort, for God had quickened him thereby ever may be the exact sense, it is clear that the Psalmist had affliction — affliction peculiar to himself, which he calls “my affliction”; that he had comfort in it, — comfort specially his own, for he styles it “my comfort”; and that he knew what the comfort was, and where it came from, for exclaims — “this is my comfort”. The worldling clutches his money bag and says, “this is my comfort”; the spendthrift points to his gaiety, shouts, “this is my comfort”; the drunkard lifts his glass, and sings, “this is my comfort”; but the man whose hope comes from God feels the giving power of the word of the Lord, and he testifies, “this is my fort.” Paul said, “I know whom I have believed.” Comfort is desirable all times; but comfort in affliction is like a lamp in a dark place. Some unable to find comfort at such times; but it is not so with believers, their Savour has said to them, “I will not leave you comfortless.” have comfort and no affliction, others have affliction and no comfort; the saints have comfort in their affliction.

The word frequently comforts us by increasing the force of our inner “this is my comfort; thy word hath quickened me.” To quicken the is to cheer the whole man. Often the near way to consolation is sanctification and invigoration. If we cannot clear away the fog, it may be to rise to a higher level, and so to get above it. Troubles which weigh down while we are half dead become mere trifles when we are full of Thus have we often been raised in spirit by quickening grace, and the thing will happen again, for the Comforter is still with us, the Consolation of Israel ever liveth, and the very God of peace is evermore our Father. Looking back upon our past life there is one ground of comfort as to state — the word of God has made us alive, and kept us so. We were but we are dead no longer. From this we gladly infer that if the had meant to destroy he would not have quickened us. If we were only hypocrites worthy of derision, as the proud ones say, he would not revived us by his grace. An experience of quickening is a fountain of cheer.

Faith is the key factor as you read the Bible, you believe or you don’t. There is no sort of believe. The Bible is full of promises from God as you read, look at how all the books interact together. A lot of the promises have come true and some are for the future. When your back is up against the wall facing cancer or health issues, remember, faith allows you to relax and see the joy around you.


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