The Journey is Mine, issues when facing cancer and health difficulties

Life’s activities when facing cancer and health difficulties.

When facing cancer and health difficulties. What should I focus on?

The Journey is Mine, My journal addressing the challenges of doing life-giving activities when facing cancer and health difficulties.

This is the beginning of the Journey is Mine, my personal goal is to address seven  key areas in my life that I feel will give me a better quality of life.

The seven key areas are;

  • Faith
  • Live foods
  • Pain management.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Caregivers

I still consider myself a very healthy person even though I’ve been bombarded with health challenges, IPMN tumor on my pancreas, MPN, RA, OA, both knees with severe cart-ledge loss and severe osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases, pain so bad that I can’t even find comfort in my own bed and losing use of both hands and arms and enough stress in my life to make my journeya very unhappy one or to say the least, a challenging one.

Anyone who faces cancer and health difficulties often experience their friends saying  “well you look good” though you might look well on the outside on the inside there is battle going on. My personal belief is that no matter what the battle, you need to still look at life in a positive attitude and do activities that help facilitate a better life, in other words, what you believe is what you become, if you want to feel the pain, you will definitely feel the pain. If you want to suffer and see no positive end, such will be your life.

Here’s the problem: The easiest thing to do when  facing cancer or health difficulties is to see what you need to do. You might read about it in books and on the web, but the problem remains. When your body and mind are ravaged by cancer or health difficulties how do you get motivated, and how do you take those first steps into turning them into a habit for life. Remember cancer and health difficulties are not your life this is what I will try to document in The Journey is Mine.



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